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Asphalt Producer & Seller in Downey, California

Kelterite Corporation in Downey, California, is an environmentally clean asphalt producer and seller for Los Angeles and Orange County. Our high environmental standards are trees and mountains above our competitors.

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Our facility features six, 300-ton, asphalt storage silos, allowing us to keep multiple sizes and types of mix on hand and ready to supply even the smallest jobs quickly and efficiently.

Paving contractors tired of dealing with double-booked plants providing poor service are happy to know we mean what we say when scheduling your jobs. Check out our asphalt prices, as well the charges for equipment rentals.

Kelterite Corporation provides your project with more than just asphalt, tack, and base materials. In addition, we offer you:

• Asphalt & Concrete Cold Planer Grinding    • FDL Paving Quotes
• Tack Application                                       • Equipment Rental


Our Facility Accepts:

• RAP   • Concrete      • Clean Broken Asphalt



Go Green

Equipped with the latest energy-efficient technology and warm mix, our new asphalt plant produces quality asphalt at competitive prices.

The planning and acquisition of property and permits began early in 2001 with customer service in mind. Working together with the City of Downey, it is our goal to provide a quality product, while using the latest and best available control technologies to ensure that asphalt is produced in the cleanest way possible.

Contact us about the clean methods we use to produce asphalt for your use.

Contact us about the clean methods we use to produce asphalt for your use.

(562) 401-0011

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