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Kelterite Corporation,  an asphalt producer in Downey, California, provides environmentally clean asphalt at competitive prices for your construction projects.

Asphalt Prices (Effective 04/23/2024)

Conventional Pg 64-10 Asphalt                              

Upon Availability FOB 1/2" Reg , 3/4" Reg:                     $95.50 per Ton tax included

Upon Availability FOB 3/8" Reg, 3/8" Fine, 1/2" Fine:      $101.50 per Ton tax included

Also Specialty Mixes (polymer, latex, W, X, Y, etc) Upon Availability.

Call for pricing.


Cold Mix Upon Availability FOB:        $ 122.00 per Ton

Tack Bulk By The Gallon:                 $ 8.25 per Gallon plus tax 
Tack:                                             $ 65.00 per 5-Gallon Bucket plus tax

CMB:                                             $ 9.00 per Ton tax included   (17 Ton minimum)   


Dump Prices (Effective 11/28/2023)

C L E A N   A S P H A L T   D U M P

Prices will vary according to inventory onsite. Call for Volume Pricing.

Clean asphalt grindings are accepted at:                   $195   per Load
Clean Broken A/C is accepted at:                             $418    per Load

A S P H A L T   D U M PS
RAP with Petromat  - Loads Accepted by Prior Approval Only:                            $535 per Load
Broken Asphalt with Petromat - Loads Accepted by Prior Approval Only:             $535 per Load
A/C Mixed Loads with base or concrete (no petromat or dirt):                            $495 per Load

Dirty RAP or Dirty Broken AC:                                                                         $505 per Load


C L E A N   C O N C R E T E   D U M P
P/U Truck, Flatbed, or Trailer:                                                                          $150 per Load
Bobtail:                                                                                                         $265 per Load

10 Wheeler:                                                                                                   $418 per Load
Super 10:                                                                                                      $495 per Load

Semi:                                                                                                            $525 per Load




S P E C I A L T Y   L O A D S   (Subject to Approval & Inspection at Added Charges)

Oversized Loads over 2'x3':                                                                       ADD $150 per Load
Rebar Reinforced Loads:                                                                            ADD $140 per Load

Oversized & Reinforced Loads:                                                                   ADD $280 per Load

Small Amounts of Wire Mesh or Chicken Wire:                                             ADD $275 per Load

*Large quantities of wire mesh or chicken wire in concrete will be rejected



Equipment Rental

• XBroom Sweeper available for rent 

  *Call for pricing 

 ***All prices for Materials, Dumps, or Rentals are subject to availability and may change without notice (unless included on a valid and accepted purchase order).***

 Other Moves Quoted per Project

Contact us about the clean methods we use to produce asphalt for your use.

(562) 401-0011

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